XL Aloe Travel

Who we are


XL Aloe Travel is one of the largest and oldest professional Travel Management Company (“TMC”) in the Eastern Cape.  The business was originally founded in 1981 to fulfil the need for a highly efficient and service -orientated travel agency in East London.

Since then XL Aloe Travel has consistently been recognised as the leading TMC in the region and is proudly a level 2 B-BBEE contributor.

Managing Director Laurette Haynes has been in the industry for more than 45 years and Manager Japie Coetzee for in excess of 35 years.  Director and shareholder Thembi Chagonda is a nationally recognised labour law expert who consults with various private and public entities on Labour Law and Training.

Our goals are to be partners with our clients in the provision of travel solutions, understanding their needs, managing the travel portfolio and delivering arrangements to their most exacting requirements.

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide a tailored solution to the personal requirements of our clients. While the objective of cost reduction and value for money is paramount, travel at the end of the day is a personal experience and a personal service.  Travelers need to enjoy a hassle free, convenient and safe journey.  XL Aloe Travel customizes the services for individuals to the extent that it is possible. 

We understand well the relationship between travel booker (professional assistant) and the travel user (employee requiring travel arrangements).  When travel plans (travel and accommodation) work, there is no further thought.  However, on that one occasion that there is a delay; that a hotel over-books; that a car hire reallocates vehicles, it is not the travel booker left stranded.  It is at this time, that our understanding of your implicit, practical requirements is demonstrated.

Our stated priority is to look after the loyal business we have, providing added value benefits and protecting their budget. We have the capacity to extend our services to new clients who will immediately enjoy the same high standards and experience a complete travel management facility. In these times of changes in the travel industry XL Aloe Travel emphasis is on loyalty to the customer and on building trust and respect which is so vital for good business.